December 2017

St Stephen's College, University of Delhi

The Conference held in New Delhi was a huge success. We had nearly 200 delegates and about half of these were students attending workshops. Many spoke of the inspiration they felt on hearing the various research talks and participating in the workshops. It was also a wonderful meeting of like-minded people and enthusiastic teachers, keen on research and development of Vedic Mathematics and it's use in education, computer design, together with finding a greater understanding of Indian Mathematical culture.  Delegates came from across India as well as overseas. 

The IAVM is hugely indebted to Dr Pankaj Mishra of the Department of Sanskrit, for his tireless work in putting together all the arrangements and logistics. We would also like to thank Kuldeep Singh and Sita Giri for their indenting background support.

Research papers were themed as, New Applications of Vedic Maths sutras, Vedic Maths in Education, Ancient and Classical Indian Mathematics and Vedic Maths Techniques used in Computer Design. In addition to the presentations of new discoveries there were workshops for teachers and free workshops for school students. Even with such a broad scope and varied range of activities and talks the conference had a tremendous unifying effect on all those in attendance. 

Our sincere thanks go to Tata Trusts for sponsoring this event. We also thank Kuldeep Singh and Sita Giri for their invaluable support and assistance.