27th-29th december 2017



In the well-equiped Seminar Room

A welcoming Rangoli prepared by students at SSC

Attending latest research presentations

Refreshments in the garden courtyard

In the garden

Marianne, Swati and the wonderful student support team

Raghavendra Prasad applies Vedic Maths to Hexadecimal

Convivial surroundings

Swati Dave presents her paper on Ethnomathematics

Sukhwinder Kaur delivers research results on teacher's attitudes towards VM

Marianne's Model Making Workshop

S.G.Chitnis extends Vedic Multiplication

Jayanti gives an engaging workshop

Students enjoying one of the many Workshops

Deveraj gives a Presentation on the Origin of 360˚

Marianne's Student Workshop on Recurring Decimals

Arunkumar Chavan shows the design for his 64-bit Multiplier

Presentation by Devaraj

Kuldeep Singh explains Compound Interest by Mental Calculation

Another brilliant workshop by Jayanti

College students show their appreciation

Kuldeep Singh awarded his certificate

Ravi KM expounds Fuzzy logic applied to VM attitudes

Greta Ghormade presents a paper on Indian Classical Mathematics

Conference Manager, Pankaj Mishra with IAVM trustees, Swati Dave and James Glover

James Glover interview at All India Radio

Coordinate Geometry workshop by James

St Stephen's College, University of Delhi