The Institute for the Advancement of Vedic Mathematics is a global charity, registered in the UK, established to promote, disseminate, research and support the system of Vedic Mathematics internationally. It is affiliated with the Vedic Maths Academy. The trustees are among the world’s leading authorities on Vedic Mathematics and have come together to offer services, host conferences and forums, and to take a lead on the integration of Vedic Mathematics into education through teacher training and the provision of resources. We believe that this approach to Mathematics enables enjoyment for all, develops a high degree of skill and leads to an understanding of the profundity of the subject.



  1. To promote, sustain and increase individual and collective understanding and research of Vedic Mathematics skills, study and expertise.

  2. To promote the use of Vedic Mathematics in teaching and learning

  3. To research and develop the VM methods and their applications

  4. To support educational groups and organisations in the use of Vedic Mathematics

  5. To develop Vedic Mathematics resources for use in education

  6. To provide courses, seminars, workshops and lectures on Vedic Mathematics

  7. To organise regular international conferences on Vedic Mathematics

  8. To establish and maintain a platform for practitioners of Vedic Mathematics to share their experience, research and development.