Frequently Asked Question


1.  What is certification?

Certification is a formal recognition by the IAVM that an individual has Vedic Mathematics proficiency within a specified body of knowledge.

2. Why become certified?

Certification is a mark of excellence. It demonstrates that the certified individual has a specified body of knowledge in Vedic Mathematics.

3.  Is there an "order" for acquiring certifications?

This is purely an individual choice but we advise starting from Level 1 and then progressing.

4.  I am a Vedic Maths teacher/trainer. Why should I get my students certified?

The certifications will validate your teaching to the global standards and will help establish your credentials as an effective Vedic Maths teacher/trainer.


Certification Requirements

1.  What are the requirements?

You must have studied or must be familiar with the specified topics in the syllabus list.

2. I have not studied Vedic Maths.Can I still get certified?

We strongly advise you to study all the specified topics before you take the assessment. If you need assistance to start learning Vedic Maths then please contact us at


Preparing for the Assessment