Here you can                    a list of our recommended teachers of Vedic Maths who are willing to provide courses, workshops and training. This international list is organised by country of residence. Travel and accommodation expenses will need to be met and any other fees, if any, are subject to negotiation.

If you wish to get in touch with any of the recommended teachers then please send an email to us at

Consultative advice on Vedic Mathematics projects for schools and other institutions on how to progress and promote Vedic Mathematics. This can include advice on how to learn or teach VM, how to initiate and run workshops and courses and how to integrate VM into a school or college curriculum.



The IAVM offers teacher-training courses of two types:


Individual: Available where a teacher or other interested person wishes to learn Vedic Mathematics.


Group: For educational institutions who wish to have their teachers trained in Vedic Maths, together with expert advice on how to integrate the system and its methods into the existing Maths curriculum.


These courses are tailor-made and can be conducted through online meetings and/or in-person training subject to logistics. Fees are subject to negotiation.



 We provide advice and consultation on how to integrate Vedic Mathematics into the school Maths curriculum at any Grade, Class or Year level. This includes the structure and progression of the VM methods year-on-year. We also provide information as to how the VM techniques provide time-saving advantages over conventional systems and help develop strategic problem-solving skills.