During late July, early August 2018, the institute ran a series of workshops in the Philippines for teachers and students. These events were logistically organised by Ike and Veronica Prudente of Math-Inic. Together they have five VM centres in different parts of the Philppines. The workshops took place in four cities.

The first event was at the MTAP-TL (Mathematics Teachers Associationof the Philippines) convention in Cebu. James Glover gave a presentation on Vedic Maths as a Pedagogic Tool to some 80 college teachers. 

The full IAVM team, including Marianne Fletcher, Gowri Ramachandran, Swati Dave, Ike Prudente and Veronica Prudente then met up in Puerto Princessa and gave three days of workshops at PSU (Palawan State University). Three sets of student workshops - primary, lower secondary and higher secondary - were enthusiastically attended by some 1100 children. Simultaneously, we ran workshops for primary teachers, secondary teachers and student teachers. At PSU there is a significant interest in VM, so much so that PSU and IAVM have agreed to work collaboratively towards integrating VM into their B.Ed programmes and then rolling out the Vedic methods into provincial schools.

Further successful workshops took place in San Pablo and Quezon City attended by students and teachers.

The total numbers attending the workshop series were 1615 students and 142 teachers.

To accompany the workshops a teachers’ handbook was written and published and is available to purchase. The full title is Inspirational Maths from India – A Teacher’s Handbook (An Introduction to Vedic Mathematics for Primary and Secondary School Teachers).Special thanks go to Rose Prudente-Jocson for proofreading and final formatting of the text.