1st international conference research papers

The Proceedings from the 1st International Vedic Mathematics conference are now available in soft copy at a cost of $5. The book of full papers comprises 158 pages and is supplied in pdf and swf formats. To purchase a copy simply go to our Donate page and make a payment of $5. We will then email you the proceedings in both formats.

Hard copy is also available for $14 plus postage. Place an order by emailing us with your name and address.

A list of the papers is shown below.


Papers in this section show developments inspired by the Vedic Mathematics sutras of Bharati Krishna Tirtha

Algebraic Patterns associated with Vedic Mathematics to Shorten Integration of Quadratic Formulae

Vasant V Shastri, Alex Hankey

Bharati Krishna’s Special Cases

Kenneth Williams

A Novel Algorithm for Multiplying Four Numbers Near Different Bases

Jatinder Kaur, Pavitdeep Singh

A Novel Approach of Multiplying Five Numbers Near a Base

Pavitdeep Singh, Jatinder Kaur

How the Binomial Theorem Underlies the Working of the Anurupyena and Yavadunam Sutras in the Calculation of Successive Powers of a Number; Application of power Triangles and Calculus

Marianne Fletcher, James Glover

A Survey on Implementation of Vedic Mathematics Sutras in Information Technology

Anil AR

A New Approach to the Teaching of Coordinate Geometry using Vedic Mathematics

James Glover

An Investigation into the Working of the Ekadhikena Purvena Sutra, and how it can be used to identify Prime Numbers

Marianne Fletcher


This section demonstrates the developments and effects of Vedic Maths within the context of education.

Deeper Reasons Why Students Find Vedic Mathematics So Enjoyable

Alex Hankey and Vasanth Shastri

Impact of Vedic Mathematics in Education for Development of Sustainable Technologies

Samrudh J, S G Raghavendra Prasad, Nithyashree S

Teaching Vedic Math to Non-Traditional Audiences

Richard Blum

Vedic Mathematics: Its impact on Children with Special Needs

Pooja Rani, Sukhwinder Kaur

Increasing Human Potential of Computation through Indian Intellectual Traditions of Vedic Algorithms

Dr. Smitha S

A Teacher’s Viewpoint of Vedic Mathematics

Sumita Bansal

Vedic Mathematics: Its Impact on Children with Special Needs

Pooja Rani, Sukhwinder Kaur

Vedic Mathematics as an Education Fundamental

Gurunathan Sankaranarayanan, Anuradha Subramaniam


The papers hereunder tap into some of the very rich heritage of Indian mathematics.

The Side of a Regular Polygon – Lilawati’s Approach

Dr. Anant W. Vyawahare, Prof. Sanjay M. Deshpande

Bharati Krishna Tirthaji’s Vedic Mathematics and Early Indian Mathematics: Comparison of the Fundamental Arithmetic Operations

Arvind Prasad

Vedic Mathematics, Lilavati and Vedic Mathematics

Jayanta Acharya

Contributions of Kerala to Mathematics

P. Devaraj

Relevance of Shulbasutras of the Yajurveda: Modern Context

Dr. Daya Shankar Tiwary