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Papers from past conferences are available to view and download here. 


The Proceedings from the 3rd International Vedic Mathematics conference are now available in soft copy at a cost of $10. The book of full papers comprises 197 pages and is supplied in pdf format. To purchase a copy simply go to our Donate page and make a payment of $10. We will then email you the proceedings.

Contents of Proceedings

Totally Self-Reliant Trigonometry - A Way to Calculate Any Trigonometric Function of 24 Key Angles Without Needing a Calculator

Nathan Annenberg

Finding Sums of Powers of Roots of Polynomials

Kenneth Williams

Reverse Osculation

Mrs.Geeta Ghormade, Dr Anant Vyawahare

A New Approach to Solving Linear Equations

Ashwini Kale, Dr Anant Vyawahare

Application of Vedic Sutras in Binary Arithmetic and Binary Logic

Muthuselvi Prabhu

Vedic Maths in Education - Number System, Modular Arithmetic and Vedic Sutras

Usha Sundararaman

A Deeper Look into Tirthaji’s Methods for Generating Rucurring Decimal Strings

Applying the Ekadhila Purvena Sutra to Investigate Prime and Fermat
Pseudoprime Numbers Using a Multiple-Precision Arithmetic Library in C/C++

Peter Greenwood

A Novel Approach to Squaring Technique Using Vedic Mathematics Applied with EDSIM51 Software

Sreekara Sarma G S, Dr G.Suresh Babu

Designing of Digital Circuits using Vedic Mathematics for Engineering Applications

Ganti Sreelakshmi

Equipping Engineering Students for Employment Through Vedic Mathematics

Anil A.R.

Vedic Mathematics-Driven Approach for NCERT Prescribed
Mathematics Curriculum

Nitika Gupta

Sharing Experiences of Research Innovations on Vedic Mathematics in the State of Kerala

Dr. Smitha S.

Ethnomathematics: An Effective Pedagogical Tool to Enrich Math Teaching

Swati Dave

Myths and Facts About the Inventions by Ancient Scholars in the Vedic Mathematics Arena

Dr.G.Suresh Babu, P.Chow Reddy

The Indian Origin of Calculus

Geeta Ghormade, Dr Anant Vyawahare

Study of Applications of Graph Theory in Ancient Indian Shlokas (Scripts)

Prakash R, Aashish M, Raghvendra Prasad S G, Srinivasan G N

Two Approximations of a Sine Function - A Comparison

Dr Anant Vyawahare, Sanjay Deshpande

Advaita and the Sutras of Vedic Mathematics

James Glover


Raymond Austin, 2017

Giuliano Mandati, 2016

Kenneth Williams, 2016

Jatinder Kaur, Pavitdeep Singh, 2016

Vasanth Shastri, Alex Hankey, Bhawna Sharma, Sanjib Patra, 2016

James Glover, 2015

Kenneth Williams, 2015

Robert McNeil, 2015

James Glover, 2015

Kenneth Williams, 2015

An Investigation into the Working of the Ekadhikena Parvenu Sutra, and How it Can be Used to Identify Prime Numbers

Marianne Fletcher, 2015

James Glover, 2015

Jatinder Kaur, Pavitdeep Singh, 2015

Kenneth Williams, 2015

James Glover, 2015

James Glover, 2013

Swati Dave, 2015

Kenneth Williams, James Glover, 2015

Arvind Prasad, 2015

Daya Tiwari, 2015